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Prodigy Network gives individual investors access to New York’s real estate market through its crowdfunding investment model.

We focus exclusively on developing institutional quality commercial real estate, and through our model we have raised over $600 million for projects in New York. He have a portfolio of 6 projects in Manhattan and 2 in Bogota has an estimated value of more than $875 million. Our global distribution network and thousands of investors are located in 37 different countries.

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Why commercial real estate in New York?

During the last few years, the commercial real estate market in Manhattan has generated higher returns than other investment options such as the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq index, the REITs index (Real Estate Investment Trust) and residential real estate. Extended-stay hotels and coworking spaces are notable commercial investment sectors that generally, yield double digit annual returns to their investors.

** The Assemblage / Park Avenue South ** is the latest Prodigy Network offering in New York, with double digits annual returns.

In 2015, Prodigy Network’s AKA United Nations opened its doors, becoming the first crowdfunded building in the history of New York City. Through a proprietary crowdfunding model, Prodigy Network provides investors the opportunity to invest in the Manhattan real estate market.

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