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Prodigy Network is one of the largest Crowd-investing platforms in the world. With projects around the globe worth over $700 million, $350 million in equity raised from the crowd, and over 6,500 investors.

Choose from our selection of Manhattan real estate projects using our secure online platform.

Crowd-investing is making discrete ownership of Manhattan commercial real estate – formerly the exclusive realm of the very wealthy – accessible to you.

It’s all about the real estate. We focus on institutional grade real estate in cities like New York that we believe will outperform the market.

Unlike REITs or other multi-asset investment funds, Prodigy lets you choose the specific real estate projects you want to invest in.

Stay up to date with your investment through periodic project updates, images and videos, and financial reports.

Earn risk adjusted returns through potential income and appreciation from top-performing commercial real estate in New York City.


$350 MILLION We have raised over $350 million in equity from the crowd for our projects globally
6,500 INVESTORS Our projects are funded and supported by a growing community of over 6,500 investors
$700 MILLION Our portfolio of global projects has an estimated market value of over $700 million
“New York-based Prodigy Network… is bringing crowdfunding to real estate, soliciting thousands of investors to buy slices of a skyscraper in exchange for a share of rents and property appreciation.” “Real estate upstarts like Prodigy Network, which is based in New York, are transforming the way real estate projects are built and who profits from them, by allowing the public to invest in an asset class that has traditionally been the exclusive domain of wealthy investors and private equity firms.” “We have learned that crowdfunding not only democratizes investments, it also makes projects viable that otherwise would not be possible.” “The Prodigy Network, led by Rodrigo Nino, is a real estate crowdfunding site that has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars.” “Traditionally, financing large urban projects has been the domain of a small number of extraordinarily wealthy banks, developers, and Wall Street firms. Crowdfunding platforms are starting to muscle into this world of investment capital.” “'We are thrilled to have closed on 17John. Its location is at the core of the emerging Financial District and represents an unprecedented opportunity for those who have always wanted to invest in Manhattan real estate,' said Rodrigo Niño, CEO of Prodigy Network.” “Online videos, social media–the rise of multi-platform content marketing–is for Rodrigo Niño, the chief executive of Prodigy Network, an opportunity to fund once impossible projects by securing funding from hundred and sometimes thousands of investors.”

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