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How We Operate

Our Focus
We focus exclusively on what we believe is prime commercial real estate in major markets like Manhattan and offer a variety of asset types.

Our Expertise
Prodigy Network and its affiliates have strategic partnerships with key players that understand the local market and the value that crowd-investing brings to their projects. Our strong relationships with developers, owners and stakeholders provide unique access to quality real estate assets in some of the most prestigious and competitive markets in the world.

What We Offer Our Investors

Exclusive Access
Prodigy gives you the opportunity to invest as little as $50,000 in commercial real estate investments that were previously only available to a handful of institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals.

More Choices, More Certainty
Our investors can choose the specific projects they want to invest in instead of relying on blind pools or discretionary investment vehicles. Take control of your portfolio and acquire the real estate that you want.

Exceptional Returns
Earn what we believe are exceptional risk adjusted returns by investing in specific commercial real estate assets that were previously out of reach.

6 Point Investment Criteria


We partner with experienced developers and operators who have excellent track records for success and impressive portfolios.


We focus on locations with growth potential and historically strong demand.


We offer real estate investments in major markets that we believe have healthy underlying fundamentals in an effort to minimize your risk and increase your returns.


We choose forward-thinking development strategies that we believe will add significant economic value and enhance the neighborhood.


Invest through a bank account controlled by a third party escrow agent. A third party fund administrator provides accounting and administrative services.


Benefit from our established equity partners and favorable debt terms provided by major financial institutions.



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